Raintree Services doesn't provide service you pay for

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Called on a friday and gave my information to start service, was told that I will have the trash can the following Monday.Monday rolled around and didnt hear from them and didnt get can.

Called monday night was told I would get it tomorrow. I got the trash can and the man said that I had to put it out that night since the drivers start collecting at 4am. My trash didnt get picked up Wednesday so I called that afternoon and no one would answer. Called Thursday and was told I was put on the "list", called that afternoon was promised they would pick up before they went home.

Husband called and left a message. Called Friday and was told they would keep me on the list. Called back friday afternoon and Canceled. ONE WEEK from starting 3 days after receiving can.

Did not pick it up. Called monday was told the guy would be here shortly. Called Tuesday was told he told them he collected, which he didnt, said she will try to make sure it happens today. Got a call about an hour later from the manager saying the my husband had called last night....No he called last thursday night.

Told her that and that I canceled service and want a full refund.

Low and behold a few hours later the trash was gone.Now I am fighting for my money, in full since they never provided service.

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Again, I am so sorry about this. I did everything in my power to have your trash picked up. Just wanted you to know.

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